Relocation successful! *yay*

The site is now official on! *yay* I hope you like the new layout as much as I do. Also new is the default SSL encryption. 

There have been some optical changes and in the background, too. I now use Drupal instead of Joomla. I would like to hear feedback on this. =) You can reach me under the usual channels or at Mailform is set up but I have to check some things first. =)

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Feel the power of dynamic filters! *wuza*

The list of TES translations is now also online and got a suitable coating. The best feature is the dynamic list that allows you to jump to the desired entry by clicking on the letter. I also added this function to the dictionary. This will save your time and avoid endless scrolling. I hope you have as much fun with it in the future as I do.

If you have any other suggestions for improvement, just let me know!  

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TES Dictionary is working! *cheering*

I could also transfer all the data. I'm telling you, that was tricky. But it works! And even better than it was before.

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Website is online... again!


the Website is online! Again! Had some problems with my server and Drupal. I hope this time it works better!

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