Submitted by Taija on Thursday, February 1, 2018 - 03:08.

I'm covering in the shadows.
Pretend and overexpose.
Not showing the truth.
Catching the breath to sooth.

Having fears, beeing shattered.
All parts of my soul being splatterred.
The are deep down on the ground.
Hiding away my deepest wound.

But they don't know.
That I am deep down below.
I would never show them my true soul.
This is the biggest goal.

I never want to cry.
"I'm okay.", I reply.
Lying to myself and them.
Can't let them make me hem.

I'm like a wounded animal.
Feeling anomal.
Like beeing different.
Feeling so insignificant.

Empty like the void.
Can't remember when I was destoyed.
But I am still here.
Feeling alone with all the fear.

And I keep hiding.
My fade needs no deciding.
I walk trough the night,
until I finally find my light.

Which glows in hope.
And is not in a scope.
But I still dream.
Letting my eyes gleam.

But until then I survive.
To keep me longer alive.
Hiding is the key.
But this way I'll never be free.

I am a shadow of my own.
This soul is never to be shown.
No one will know how I feel.
With my wound, the time can never heal.

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