I'm covering in the shadows.
Pretend and overexpose.
Not showing the truth.
Catching the breath to sooth.

A stands for anxiety.

B stands for brocken.

C stands for control.

It's 7:15 in the morning. The numbers of the phone display look complainingly at her. She's been in bed for two hours. She is actually very tired but the thoughts and the tensions do not let her sleep. The days before that, she didn't sleep much either. It happens a lot.

She had a conversation the other day with someone she cares about. With someone she trusts. He encourages her to speak.

And she dared to tell him how she treated herself. When he said that it hurts him, as she did to herself she had certainly regretted it. Not for her own sake, but for the other person. After all, she doesn't want to hurt anyone. That's why she doesn't usually talk about such things.